How does your reservation process work?

We are first come, first serve. To reserve and lock-in your wedding day, we ask you to sign and return our contract with the deposit fee included. Until they are returned, your date will still be available.

Is there a deposit?

We ask for a 50% retainer to reserve your date. Retainer fees differ if you've chosen a payment plan.

what's your payment plan?

We currently offer two payment plans, however they are only available for certain packages/pricing. Please inquire more if interested.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We require contracts for all weddings. This serves as a receipt and also gives you all guidelines on what to expect from us.

Do you travel?

You bet we do! Just tell us your destination and we will be there.

What makes Drop Anchor Films so special, compared to other videographers?

Passion. We love, love! Each wedding is an opportunity for us to tell an amazing love story, YOURS! We love the unique nature of each event we film. If strangers watching your video don't feel like they know you by the end, we haven't done our job.

What sets us apart is our passion for what we are shooting! We want to tell your story in a way that will have people who don’t even know you, feel as if they’re lifelong friends with you. For us it’s more than just one day of filming. We are committed into making lifelong relationships with our customers. We would not shoot any wedding differently than we would shoot our own – we want the best – no exceptions.

Do you interact with us on the day of?

Simply put, we try NOT to. We stay in the background, letting the day unfold naturally. We do not script ANY of our films. You might find us asking you how you’re feeling or other various questions, but for the most part – we stay back and let the story tell itself.

How will you interact with our photographers?

We understand that your photographers are also trying to capture timeless memories for you. We uphold high standards when it comes to professionalism and communication with your photographer(s) and other vendors.



How long do I have to wait for our fully edited video?

We ask that you please allow about 6-8 weeks for your video to be distributed for all packages under 13 minutes (HIGHLIGHT REEL and FEATURE FILM). All packages OVER 13 minutes, should allow 4-5 months for their final product. We don't want to rush a films full-potential.

I just want the RAW footage!

If you don’t want to invest in a package right away, don’t worry! We can film your wedding and give you the RAW footage on a hard-drive. (This option is perfect for couples on a limited budget – we can always edit the video at a later date – just ask!)

What site do you use to host your videos?

We use YouTube to host ALL videos. Additionally, you'll be provided with a direct downloadable link for your personal devices.

What about DVD’s?

DVD’s and Blu-Ray Discs are available at an additional cost. Simply check out our “extras."

We had someone else shoot our footage but we want you to edit! Can you do this?

Absolutely! We love editing. Just send us a message and we will discuss your project.


Is audio included in every package?

Yes. We professionally mic groom and officiant for ALL ceremonies, including professional audio streaming from speeches to ensure your video has the best quality audio.

Can we choose our own music?

We are gladly open to suggestions but we cannot accommodate to all suggestions. We make sure we properly license music from artists we love and support. To avoid copyright infringement we'd like to keep it that way. We will do our best to look for music that fits the personality of your film and work with you to pick something you’re happy with.

Does the Reel + Full Edit, include the entire ceremony and reception?

YES! This is our most popular package. This includes everything from pre-ceremony to the final toast. This package doesn’t miss a single moment. All audio is professionally recorded with lavaliere and shotgun mic in order to give your film the highest quality audio possible.



What about our rehearsal dinner?   

We do not film your rehearsal. Why? It’s not needed. Unless there's personal speeches that are given, we promise we will capture all that and more on the day of your wedding. If you insist we film the rehearsal dinner, you can add that to your package at an additional fee.

Do you shoot anything other than weddings?

Absolutely. Just drop us a line to inquire further for events, commercial projects and more.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes, absolutely! We are welcome to all couples.

How far away do I have to be until travel costs are added?

We give our customers a 50-mile radius, before travel fees are included.

What does your typical travel costs look like?

Every wedding is different, thus, different travel costs apply to each couple. However, we charge 0.50c a mile for every mile that's past our 50-mile policy.

What if we are having a destination wedding OUT OF STATE / in another country?

For weddings that require air-travel, we simply charge for the cost of a round trip ticket and lodging. We will personally work with couples to ensure that the travel costs during a destination wedding are economically sound and in their budget.

I am on the other side of the country but want you to film our wedding!

For weddings that are not accessible to driving, we simply charge airfare and cost of a rental car for the weekend. We don't need an SUV, we most often simply rent the smallest option possible, which runs about $20 - $30 a day.

Do you have any vendors you'd recommend?

You bet we do. We've worked with some awesome and insanely talented vendors. You can check them out at our "Vendors We Love," page... here.



 Do you bring lights and other equipment?

We like to keep all of our equipment simple and compact so it doesn’t invade on the spaces you’ve planned to look perfect. We do bring lights, but only will use them if it's needed in a confined area. 



Didn't answer your question? Don't worry, just contact us and we will get back to you in 48-hours or less.